Dealing with people can be stressful at the best of times but even more so if you are dealing with negative people and energy.

It is so important to recognise when we are around negative people, how it makes us feel and how we can protect ourselves from being effected.

Have you ever walked into a room, or been with a certain person and felt unbelievably drained? You literally feel like all of your positivity and energy has been sucked right out of you! well believe it or not it probably has.

When people drain your energy levels dry they are known as energy vampires. Some are not even aware that they are doing this so we cant feel angry towards them. The truth is these people are drawn to you because of your high energy levels and they unwillingly try and absorb some for themselves.

Everybody works on different energy vibrations. People with a high energy field will often be open, generous, loving, kind, positive and abundant in joy. Yet on the flip side with a high energy vibration they can often be very sensitive, empathic and giving. These are amazing traits but if you are one of these people (often known as light workers, earth angels, empaths and sensitives) then you will immediately attract people on a lower energy vibration. You will easily pick up on what the other person is feeling (often without even understanding why you feel this way) When a person is with you and then leaves, you will find their energy and feelings have stuck to you for quite a while afterwards. This can leave you feeling jittery, uneasy and sometimes nauseous.

How to spot that your energy has been drained…. Your energy can be affected by many different ways, you may only have to walk into an atmosphere and you will immediately feel your energy change.

Be aware of your feelings. If you feel suddenly uneasy, anxious, jittery, nauseous or worried then you may be being effected by the energy around you. If you were feeling fine before you walked into the room or with that person and then you suddenly feel any of those things then your energy is being effected.

Follow your intuition. Your intuition is always right. If you have a feeling that you are being effected by negative energy then go with that thought and accept that it is 99% likely to be correct.

So how to protect yourself?


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